The ACEA™ course covers the following topics:


Personal introductions

Course background

The "Journey"

Fundamentals of Modern Corporate Behaviour

Exploring the characteristics of today's global business environment

Understanding the role of the Executive Assistant in a modern world

The role of the modern Executive Assistant


Strategy understanding

Corporate vision and mission

Delivering the strategy

Goals vs objectives

Principles of planning

Project alignment with strategy and organisational goals

Balanced Scorecards

Understanding and measuring corporate performance

Drilling down to the Executive Assistant role

Measuring success

Business Ethics

Corporate social responsibility

Business ethics

Time Management




Managing effective meetings

Financial Awareness

Financial accounting vs management accounting

Understanding the 4 key financial statements

Principles of budgeting

People Management & Leadership

Understanding leadership

Identify your leadership profile and explore how you can use this knowledge to create your own future

Assess your leadership competencies and learn how you can develop your strengths

Identify those additional skills and tools that can make you a better leader


Motivation theory

Motivation through rewards

Fundamentals of Project Management

What is a project

Project methodologies

Work breakdown structures

Project estimating

Implementing effective project governance

Controlling the project, including status meetings and issues management

Effective Communication & Conflict Management

Develop your ability to influence and communicate with others

Understanding communication

Diversity, assumptions and stereotypes

Listening skills

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Other Essential Management Skills

Stakeholder management

Risk management

Problem Solving & Multitasking

Differentiate and define various types of problems

Root cause analysis

Evaluate solutions and apply creative thinking techniques to problem solving

Presentation Skills

Understanding fear

Planning presentations

Overcoming nervousness

Presentation preparation

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional quotient (EQ) vs intelligence (IQ)

Emotional intelligence framework

Using emotional intelligence

Personality and behaviours (DISC)

Know your inter-personal style and how your behaviour impacts others

ACEA™ Examination *

* Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA™

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